Lockdown Love

The perfect soundtrack for any relationship affected by the pandemic. With entrancing beat, groove and rhythm, catchy hooks and a vintage-meets-modern funk/pop sound, it's a song that you can both dance to around the house or reminisce about a time when you were allowed to go outside, travel and be together with your soul mate.

For Andra

Sweet Dreams and Lie to Me are the songs I wrote for Andra. Sweet Dreams has been released in 2016, in the original version and another 3 remixes as well.

No One Listens

Hear this song in 2 flavours. Open Mic UK and a studio produced audio version.

Open Mic UK

Some of my performances with my brother, Mihai, at Open Mic UK.

Romania's got Talent

My journey through this show, in 2016, where I've performed my compositions: Sweet Dreams (auditions), Crying Heart (semifinals) and What's Wrong (final).